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จำหน่าย 3G GPS TRACKER RUPTELA FM-PRO4(3G) เครื่องยุโรป ประกันตลอดชีพ

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FM-Pro4 is a GPS tracking device for heavy vehicles. This device is designed for standard vehicle tracking and monitoring tasks and can obtain information from standard CANbus protocols such as FMS and J1708.
The device communicates using GSM (2G) networks, and it is also available in version that supports UMTS (3G).
FM-Pro4 functionalities
Real-time data from GPS, Accelerometer, etc.
Driver behaviour monitoring (Eco-Drive)
CANbus reading
Temperature monitoring
Driver registration and identification
Remote ignition blocking
Fuel monitoring
Internal Geozones
Jamming notifications
Various features via SMS

GPS/GLONASS module  Ublox EVA-M8M 
 Battery  Li-Po 1050 mAh
 Digital inputs  4 inputs
 Analogue inputs  2 inputs
 Digital outputs  2 outputs
 CANbus  FMS, J1708
 RS232 / RS485  2 x RS232, 1 x RS485
 Internal memory  4 MB (up to 32 GB)
 Accelerometer  3 axes
 1 Wire  1 – Wire peripherals
 Firmware configuration  Over the air through GPRS, USB or SMS
 GSM antenna  Internal
 Power Supply  10 – 32 V DC
 Operating temperature  -35 +55 °C
 Size  111 x 75 x 25 mm


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